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Spa Elixir Dead Sea Nightime Cream Skin care

Did you know that the Spa Elixir Dead Sea Nightime Cream skin is the largest organ of our body? It has different functions, it protects us against external influences, acts as a temperature regulator and is an important organ of sense. It is clear that she needs a great deal of care with these tasks and the influences she is exposed to every day.


Spa Elixir Dead Sea Nightime Cream Skin Care – Do I Need That?

The answer is quite clear: Yes! No matter how old you are, the skin should always be carefully cared for. It is not only our largest organ, which protects us from external influences, but should look beautiful and well-groomed even in old age. Especially then one can see whether the skin was regularly cultivated or neglected. It may seem superfluous at a young age, but those who replenish their accumulation of moisture early, prevents blemishes such as wrinkles or cellulite, and will continue to have a firm, healthy skin even with increasing age. That’s why you can not start treating your skin appropriately early enough.


What Spa Elixir Dead Sea Nightime Cream skin types are there?

For the appropriate skin care, it is first of all very important to know its skin type. Most of the care products are designed for the 4 types of skin and should always be considered when buying.

Greasy / oily skin Spa Elixir Dead Sea Nightime Cream

This type of skin is characterized by a slightly shiny film on the skin, large pores and often bad skin with pimples or even acne. The skin produces an excess of tallow and overfats the skin. Often, the skin is very thick and has a pale appearance since it is not sufficiently perfused. Pimples often ignite and sit under the skin.


Dry skin Spa Elixir Dead Sea Nightime Cream

Dry skin stretches and itchy, it can also form stubborn rough spots. Elbow and knee, as well as shins, are often extremely dry. The moisture control of the skin does not work properly and moisture can not be stored.Usually dry skin is not only damp, but also fat.

Mixed skin Spa Elixir Dead Sea Nightime Cream

This occurs particularly in the face and often in young people. As the name implies, it is a mixture of dry and greasy skin. The t-zone, chin, nose and forehead, is greasy, but the rest of the face is rather dry.

Sensitive skin Spa Elixir Dead Sea Nightime Cream

Sensitive skin is usually a drought-prone skin that is sensitive to most skin care products. It can also be greasy and characterized by rough and irritated spots.


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