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Hair Vitality Use For healthy hair can grow

All women want to have a long, beautiful and healthy hair. Unfortunately not all women have the patience to do so. Hair Vitality Hence the need to resort to methods to accelerate the process arises.




Here are some ways to achieve this:


Hair Vitality good: Only healthy hair can grow quickly. Good habits and care with her hair will help you:

Use a brush with boar bristles

Do not pick up her hair in braids or ponytails while wet

Avoid chemical treatments such as dyeing, perming, traitors, etc.

Hair Vitality Minimize heat on the hair of procedures such as ironing, blow drying, etc. Although the best thing to do is avoid the use of heat, it is important to dry the roots of the hair after washing. I learned this from a specialized doctor. The hair roots take a long time to dry after washing , even 2 or 3 days. Therefore it is extremely important to use a dryer, but only on the roots, not the ends. The tips are wet is not a problem.

Hair Vitality Eat healthily . Eating right is very important. Eat good amounts of fruits and vegetables. You should also make a protein – centered diet. As hair is comprised of proteins , a deficiency of these in the body produces a weak and slow growing hair Hair Vitality. Protein foods include fish, eggs, beans, yogurt, etc. Soy protein is another food that stimulates hair growth.


Hair Vitality . Flax is a blue plant grown on the Canadian prairies to collect their seeds. The natural oil extracted from them is highly recommended for general nutrition of the body, being a great source of essential fatty acids. They serve for example to reduce the risk of coronary disease. The recommended daily dose is at least 1000 mg one to three times daily. If you do not eat a lot of fish, linseed oil purchase to give your body all the vitamins you need and thereby accelerate hair growth Hair Vitality.

Trim the ends . Trim split ends is very important. When we ignore these tips, we ended up having a shorter hair because the tips are broken. The deterioration of the tips spreads to the rest of the Hair Vitality hair, so it is vital to eliminate the problem as soon as it appears. Do not forget that the hair does not grow from the tips but from the roots. So when we get rid of split ends, hair follicles must work less to repair the tips and work improving root. If you cut your split ends often hair grow faster.

But It’s easier to say it than do it. I hate having to cut my toes when I’ve worked so hard to make hair grow. But in reality it is a measure that brings long – term benefits. Be patient and see the Hair Vitality results. On the other hand you can also find some tips for having the longest hair in a few days you will help to have more healthy and silky.


Hair Vitality a couple of days ago I started thinking about hair dyes made from natural herbs. A well-known natural dye is henna, which we have already discussed above, but there are many herbs and natural substances that can also be used. While most herbs can be made into a strong tea with which the hair is rinsed, there are some additional steps you can make the dye last longer.




And those with graying dark hair peeking out here and there, you know how important it is! Here is the basic method:


Hair Vitality bases of natural herbs


– Chop or crush your herbs raw material. See the rest of the article for tips on what you should use for your hair color. You can use fresh or dried for most applications, but certain herbs some details were observed. How much smaller is the raw material, the greater the surface area that can be exposed to the hair, and therefore a stronger and darker dye is created.


– Prepare a paste by mixing herbs with a little hot water. Add a small amount of water at a time until a thick paste – like consistencies toothpaste. The hot water opens the pores of herbs and allow more color is released .


– For colors that require the preparation of a tea, use a lot of herbs – half cup of herbs for two cups of water . Use hot water and let soak time it takes to cool down. Strain the herbs and transfer the tea to a spray bottle to make the application easier.


– If a tea is used, spray it on the scalp and hair, repeating until the tea is finished. Twist hair, secure it at the top of the head and cover with a damp towel or a bathing cap. If a paste is used, apply the paste to the roots and cover with a damp towel or a bathing cap.


– For both types of preparation, leave for half an hour or so and rinse . I suggest doing it in the shower or bath because you can make a big mess.


– If possible, let your hair dry in the sun. It will provide more natural reflexes.


– Most of these dyes are semi – permanent and will last for a few weeks . Hair usually grows faster than it takes for the color to fade. To maintain color, reapply a couple of times a month or more.


What herbs used for certain hair colors?


All hair is different and may take longer to absorb the color or maybe not delay anything. Some hair grow faster, while others just do it slowly. Some hair colors react differently to different colors. Here is a list of herbs that work best for each type of hair color.


Blond hair usually requires more color than others . Lemon juice works well for light blond and dark blond some. A tea brewed chamomile and calendula work with for dark blond types.

Rhubarb root provides honey golden tones. Simmer the root in water and let cool. Use it as you would with other methods of tea.

It is also possible that other roots containing berberine as Oregon grape (Grape Root Oregon), goldenseal, myrtle or cow tongue may work but have not found any reports of people using them.



Hair Vitality for nothing better than tomato juice . Massage a generous amount on hair, lightly squeeze out the excess and then collect it at the top of the head. Cover with a plastic bag or shower cap and leave for at least 30 minutes.


You can also prepare a tea hibiscus and calendar Hair Vitality. By adjusting the amount of each, you can vary the shade of brown. And both are full of antioxidants that are very healthy for the hair.


The beet puree will give your hair a reddish purple. And all hair reddish reflections acquire a vinegar rinse (like this) used after any hair color.


You can also prepare a nettle tea, rosemary and sage. Sage has been used to cover gray hair. Use weekly to get better coverage of gray hair reappearing.

The Hair Vitality real black hair is difficult to work . Black walnut powder will give hair a very dark, almost black. Indigo will provide a bluish black hair, but most sources say it should be used with or after henna treatments.



There are very few precautions to keep in mind when using herbs for dyeing his hair, but some should always be followed. The most important are wearing gloves and protecting the surface where they work. Remember that you are working with dye. The Hair Vitality black walnut powder should not be used by people with thyroid problems . And always make sure your solutions are cool before use. Hair Vitality DO NOT use them hot! It could cause damage to the scalp. Do not allow any of the dyes into the eyes or mouth. And do not be afraid to experiment!

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